Dogs and Christmas

Life with my dogs

Dogs and Christmas

I love Christmas with dogs. They go together like Christmas and snow; snow and long walks, hot chocolate after long walks, fresh cookies and the scent of pine trees…you get it, I am quite enamored.

Dogs and Christmas

Christmas is long morning walks and long daytime walks and long afternoon walks in the snow, until the fingertips feel frozen and the toes are numb, then we warm up and do it all over again.

Dogs and Christmas1

Christmas is puppies racing around the living room and getting tangled up in tree decorations and pretending they never did anything wrong int he first place and it happened all by itself.

Dogs and Christmas2

Christmas is taking the dogs sledding and having them race down the hill behind us following the Mario Andretti quote “If everything is under control, you’re not going fast enough”

Dogs and Christmas3

Christmas is going skiing and wrapping the dogs up in blankets while they sleep in the car waiting for us.

Christmas is learning a dozen new tricks in front of a fire, and watching the profound surprise and joy when the dogs realize you brought in a bunch of huge sticks (logs) to play with?!

Dogs and Christmas4

Enjoy this time with your four-legged friends!

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