Long Distance Coaching

Long Distance Coaching

Long Distance Coaching for Dog Training

Like what you’re reading and seeing?
Want to learn from me and methods?
Too far away to meet in-person?

I offer long-distance coaching for household manners, common behavior problems (jumping up, nipping, leash-pulling etc.) obedience, tricks and beginner agility.

After an initial 15 minute phone or video call to determine what you’re looking for on your training, I will devise an individual training plan tailored to your needs.

I have had wonderful success with watching training session through Skype and giving real-time advice – how to improve your timing and reward delivery for example – which often results in clients mastering what they have been struggling with right away.

While some clients only use one or two long distance coaching sessions to address specific issues, others utilize it as a long-term training option.

We can set up your long distance coaching in a variety of ways that you choose from, often we combine multiple:

  • Skype/video calls
  • phone calls
  • emails
  • videos of your training that you send me