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Dog Training Albuquerque



Living in Albuquerque and ready to get your dog started in training? You came to the right place.

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We offer a variety of different dog training options for both puppies and adult dogs.

Just as every dog and his family are unique, the training needs of every dog owner are unique as well.

By offering the broadest spectrum of training options throughout Albuquerque, we will be able to provide you with exactly the training you and your dog are looking for!

Please contact us to discuss the training options most suitable for your dog. We are committed to designing the best possible training program for you and him. All our training is rewards-based and built on games and communication.


We strive to bring out the best in your dog. Every dog has the potential to be a well-behaved, skilled and obedient companion. Let us help you to turn your dog into the best version of himself! You will be amazed at how much he can learn.
Each dog brings talents with him that are just waiting to be discovered. We can not only teach your dog general obedience, but a variety of other skills – from trick training over dog agility to finding hidden people (man trailing)!

Many clients start with us pursuing basic obedience and stay long after their dog has mastered his basic skills trying out a variety of other dog activities. Keeping your dog enrolled in classes and training programs will help him exercise and burn his energy in a productive way. Continuing training also will remind your dog whop is the most important and fun person around: You!


Check out these very well-behaved obedience class students at the airport:



Our Dog Trainer

border collie and his trainer working

Regardless of the training you choose, know that your dog is in the best hands. Our trainer Steffi has not only trained countless dogs in Albuquerque and around New Mexico, but also has taught hundreds of clients remotely through online dog training classes, as well as traveled to teach seminars as far away as Germany.

Steffi not only trains clients’ dogs, but continually strives to improve her own training skills. She has three dogs of her own that have reached very high levels of training. She has experimented with training her own dogs in conceptual training such as counting and imitation and succeeded to teach her Border Collie to count up to 4.

dog learning difficult trick in albuquerque


Steffi pursues advanced clicker training as well as competitive agility. Our trainer believes that in order to be the best possible teacher, one must never stop learning!

(When choosing a dog trainer, make sure that they fit these criteria: 6 Signs of A Good Dog Trainer)

Our Dog Training Approach

dog bonding to his trainer

Our approach to training is positive and reward-based. We do not promote the use of punishment and fear-based training methods, including tools designed to cause discomfort to the dog such as prong, choke or electric collars. Instead of utilizing intimidation, we strive to build a team between dog and handler and develop effective communication between them.

We teach every owner how to best communicate with his dog by understanding how dogs learn and what drives their behavior. Many common behavior issues (whether in puppies or adult dogs) can be solved by changing where the dog finds reinforcement for his behavior (for more information, read The #1 Question to Ask when your Dog is Misbehaving).

We take a holistic approach to dog training and behavior modification. Behaviors rarely occur in isolation, and getting to know the dog, his environment and family is an important aspect of designing a training program suited to him.

You will not find our dog trainer using a cookie cutter approach to providing your dog’s training needs. Instead, every dog and owner are seen as the individuals they are.

For us the joy of dog training and helping owners lies in providing them with the solutions that work best for them.

You can expect assistance and guidance in all aspects of dog ownership – from choosing the right feeding schedule for your puppy or the best dog food for food allergies, over help in determining his grooming needs to developing an exercise plan to keep him fit and healthy. Our program does not stop when we gave you training advice. We like to support you in all aspects of living with your dog to help you and him live together as joyfully as possible.

How To Pick The Right Training Option

dog trainer teaching leash walking in albuquerque

If you are unsure about which training option to choose for your dog, please get in touch with us and we will help you determine which one(s) will work best for him. When choosing a training option, consider these questions:

  • Is the dog friendly with other people and dogs? (If not, group dog training classes are not suited for him until this is resolved)
  • Is your schedule predictable enough to commit to a weekly class? (If not, online classes, private lessons and dog day training will work best)
  • Are you located in the greater Albuquerque area? (If you would like in-person training even though you are not living nearby, our trainer is available to travel for seminars)

Most clients decide for a combination of either private lessons and group classes or private lessons and online classes. While we do work with dogs that show reactivity towards people and other dogs, these dogs can unfortunately not attend our group classes. Several attendees of our group classes have dogs that previously were reactive themselves and worked hard to help resolve it. While these dogs show great improvement, it would not be fair to them to expose them to a dog that reacts aggressively.

If you have a reactive dog, we are happy to have him join our group classes once the reactivity has been decreased in private training sessions.

You Can Pick From The Following Training Options:


The Best Puppy Training in Albuquerque

Did your puppy recently join your family? Are you overwhelmed by all the things you want and need to teach him – from potty training over walking well on leash to greeting strangers politely and being friendly with other dogs?
It is much easier to train a little 2 month old puppy than to wait until he is physically strong and mentally confident at 10 months. The earlier clients come to me with their puppies, the quicker the dog usually improves. This has a simple reason: The less time the dog has to rehearse unwanted behaviors the better.
It is much easier to train a puppy to behave well from the start than to try and undo months of bad behavior that has been ingrained. Adolescent dogs that misbehave have had plenty of time to practice their bad manners.
If you have a puppy, start training him as soon as possible.

Private Dog Training Sessions

Do you have an adult dog that needs to brush up his obedience skills and manners? Is your dog reactive or fearful? Do you want to get him started in a new activity without having to adhere to class schedules or wait your turn in group classes?
Private sessions are a convenient option for training your dog as quickly as possible. We can usually schedule a lesson within 72hrs from the time you call us. We know that a dog that misbehaves is not a matter that can wait too long!
The sooner we get started the better. In dog training it is definitely advisable to hit the ground running. Most owners start out with weekly or twice-weekly private sessions that then taper off over time as the dog improves and needs less and less intensive training.

Private sessions are an investment not only into your dog right now, but into a joyful future life with him.
To make this training as convenient as possible for you our trainer will travel to your house for the training. As the dog progresses, he might also train at other locations, such as public places in Albuquerque to practice his social skills (Albuquerque Dog Training Destinations).

Private training is not just about solving problems however. Many clients choose to pursue private lessons as a regularly scheduled activity with their dog. We can train your dog in many different skills. Dogs are very capable learners and the sky is the limit when thinking about new tricks or behaviors to teach them.

Our private clients have pursued and excelled in these activities:

  • Dog Agility
  • Clicker Training
  • Hiking Dog Training
  • Frisbee Training
  • Man Trailing (a sport in which the dog finds hidden people by using his nose)
  • and more!

Albuquerque Dog Day Training

If your schedule is busy and your dog needs consistent training, this option will be the quickest and easiest solution. Preferred by clients in demanding jobs as well as families with children, our trainer will come to your house and train your dog for you.
If your dog has a behavioral issue that needs a specific solution and is prone to handler-errors, having our dog trainer take over the training completely can also be the best way to go.

It is possible to continue day training as an on-going training program if you would like to keep your dog physically exercised and mentally challenged. Some owners choose to have our trainer visit their dog once or twice a week to continue teaching him new skills or keep his obedience and social behavior up. If you have a busy life with no time for weekly dog training maintenance, this is the option for you.

Group Classes

Group classes are the bread and butter of dog training. You will find ours to be quite different from other group classes around in the area: Our class sizes are very small (no more than five dogs in a one hr class) and provide plenty of individual feedback. A group class for us is not a lecture – it is the opportunity to improve your dog’s skills among other like-minded people! Our dog training group classes are unique in Albuquerque.

We highly encourage a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the classes. We regularly have get-togethers of group classes with long-term clients, such as potlucks or BBQs.
Group class members are each other’s companions on their dog training journey and often share surprising insights and helpful tips with each other.

Because we know that every dog is different and can learn many, many different skills, we have a wide variety of group classes ranging from Obedience over Loose Leash Walking to Tricks and Doggy Yoga. After your dog has started out training with us he will be able to participate in and excel at whichever skill you choose for him.


Two impressions from our “Doggy Yoga” group training class:


dog stepping on balance disc 


dog doing cavaletti

Dog Agility Training in Albuquerque

We offer training in the very popular sport of dog agility. Everyone who has watched a dog and his handler move effortlessly on a dog agility course has imagined themselves in this position with their own dog. Now you can get there!

Beginners in agility advance very quickly and are able to run little courses consisting of tunnels and jumps after only a few sessions.
Dogs love this activity, as it combines many of their favorite things: running, eating treats and playing with their handler!
Agility is a great controlled energy outlet for young and wild dogs. But also older dogs benefit from the mental challenge that agility provides.

We take a conservative approach to injury-prevention in dog agility. Dogs start out with very low or no jump bars and gradually learn to jump safely over higher obstacles over the span of several months. We make sure that dogs are secure and coordinated before letting them navigate the dogwalk or A-frame high off the ground.

Our fully equipped agility field in Edgewood is found only 20min from Albuquerque. The location in the East Mountains provides us with slightly cooler weather than the city of Albuquerque year-round, which is especially convenient for lessons during the summer months when Albuquerque is too hot for training during the day.
The footing of mulch is dust-free and soft.


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