Do Mastiffs shed?


Do Mastiffs shed?

Mastiffs are beautiful and loyal companions as well as excellent guard dogs. Many dog owners decide for a Mastiff puppy because of this breed’s devotion to their owner and their desire to protect them.

As with all dog breeds one question gets asked by every future Mastiff owner: Do Mastiffs shed?

The answer is – yes. But due to their short hair the shedding is manageable. Today we will look in detail at a Mastiff’s coat as well as their tendency to shed and their grooming needs.

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Do Mastiffs shed badly?

Mastiffs have a short double coat. 

This double coat consists of wiry and straight “guard hairs” (this is the hair we see when we look at a dog) and a wooly “undercoat”. This undercoat is not visible from the outside and only appears if you part the Mastiff’s hair with your fingers.

While the guard hair stays more or less the same throughout the year, the undercoat gets “blown out” by the dog. This is especially pronounced during the season changes.

Mastiffs originated in England and Asia. The climate there made it necessary for them to have a thick undercoat in the colder months.

When the time comes to blow this undercoat in the spring – your Mastiff will shed.

The good news is that due to the Mastiff’s short coat this won’t mean finding clumps of hair all over your home. 
Rather, expect to find individual hair sticking to your clothing and furniture. (This also applies to other Molossers, such as the Carne Corso.)

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How often do Mastiffs shed?

Mastiffs will never stop shedding completely. You should plan to brush your dog once a week in order to keep on top of his grooming.

During the big season changes in the spring and fall your Mastiff will shed more than e.g. during the summer months. But this does not mean that there will be zero shedding the rest of the year.

I highly recommend to use a Furminator weekly for your Mastiff. This will help you to keep up with his hair loss and collect the undercoat in the brush – rather than on your floor!

Which Mastiff sheds the least?

In general, white coats seem to shed more than dark coats. This does not mean that your dark Mastiff will not shed of course. However, it may result in slightly reduced shedding than seen in a lighter colored Mastiff.

When you first get a Mastiff puppy you may be surprised that he does not shed at all. This is normal for young pups – they only start shedding once they lose their puppy coat somewhere around 8-12 months. 

Are Mastiffs hypoallergenic?

Mastiffs are not a hypoallergenic breed. Do not acquire a Mastiff if you have suffered from dog hair allergies in the past. Chances are that your Mastiff will trigger these allergies badly enough that he cannot continue to live with you.

While even breeds with little to no shedding can never be labled “100% hypoallergenic”, the Mastiff is definitely not hypoallergenic at all. Their short coat may be misleading and make owners believe they do not shed – however, that is not true.

Are Mastiffs good outdoor dogs?

While you should not leave your Mastiff outside for long periods of time, he will probably enjoy a bit of time in the yard every day. Many Mastiffs enjoy patrolling the perimeter of their property and keeping an eye on everything around – they are guard dogs after all.

Your Mastiff should not be outside during extreme weather. Whether very hot or very cold, he should always have shelter and the ability to come inside. However, a Mastiff’s double coat will keep him comfortable in cooler weather.

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Caring for your Mastiff’s coat

To keep your Mastiff’s coat in great shape, you should brush it regularly. Have your Mastiff wear an high-quality collar that does not cause chafing and is properly fitted.

How often should I bathe my Mastiff?

You can bathe your Mastiff with an appropriate shampoo every 1-2 months. It is best to get him used to this early on in life. Ideally you start bathing your puppy as soon as he gets home so he grows used to it.

Bathing will also help to manage your Mastiff’s shedding: It loosens and removes a lot of undercoat that would otherwise end up on your floor.

If you plan to take your Mastiff to a professional groomer to take care of the shedding, get him used to it early in life – otherwise he might try to fight being bathed and groomed by a stranger.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, these beautiful dogs do shed and aren’t hypoallergenic. If you take care to brush your dog weekly and bathe him every 1-2 months however it will not be too bad.

Make sure to invest a little bit of time into grooming your Mastiff every week and you will easily be able to keep up with his shedding!