The Best Diapers For Dogs In Heat


The Best Diapers For Dogs In Heat

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Oh no, it happened! My Husky Sasha started her first heat. I quickly realized that if I wanted to keep blood out of the carpet and off of my upholstered couch (also known around these parts as “Sasha’s spot), I’d need to get some doggie diapers. These are good for incontinent dogs, of course, but they’re also great for female dogs in heat. 

After trying several different ones, I decided that the Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers were the best choice for me and my Sasha. They are super convenient and don’t require washing diapers or using liners. They come in a large quantity, allowing you to always have them on hand, since your dog’s heat schedule can catch you off-guard. There are also smaller packages available for if your pup is still growing or if you plan to only let her have one heat cycle before spaying.

Our Top Diaper for Dogs in Heat

Our TOP Choice
Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers

The Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers made the top of my list. Note that these are mainly for smaller dogs, as they go from size extra small to medium. The fasteners are repositionable, so you will be able to adjust the fit to your dog once it’s on her.

These diapers have dryspeed technology to wick away moisture and turn it into gel, so your girl won’t have any discomfort from sitting in a damp diaper. They have a hole for your dog’s wagging tail, but if you have a dog without a tail, this brand will still work as long as you measure her correctly. There is a chart on the Amazon page to refer to.

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If you are looking for a special diaper choice for the special doggy girl in your life, keep on reading to find your perfect fit!

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As anyone with an intact female dog knows, once they go through puberty, our furbabies go into heat about twice per year. Even if you plan to have your dog spayed and do not want to get her pregnant, some vets will recommend that you wait until after the first heat cycle, depending on the health and breed of your pup.

This often happens before one year of age and it can take you by surprise to see some drops of blood on the floor! The reason this happens is that dogs bleed a bit when they ovulate; this is their fertile phase. If you decide to have your dog spayed, going into heat will be a thing of the past, but show dogs, dogs who will be bred later, and dogs who simply haven’t been spayed yet will tend to leak some blood on the floor and furniture.

And that means … bloody spots across your house!

Thank goodness for doggy diapers.

In addition to being good for dogs in heat, these are also great for female dogs who have become incontinent. This can happen as a dog ages. So if you end up buying a large package of diapers and your girl doesn’t use them all during her heat cycles, rest assured that you will have them on hand later if you should need them for urinary incontinence.

dog in heat with diaper

Our Runner-Ups

Let’s have a look at our specialized diaper choices:

Best Reusable Diapers for a Dog in Heat

Best Reusable Diaper
CuteBone Reusable Dog Diapers

If you prefer cloth diapers for your dog, then CuteBone Female Dog Diapers might be the right choice for you. These come in a three-pack and in various colors and designs. They range from size extra small to extra large, so you should be able to use these for any dog. The hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to customize the fit for your individual dog, so they can grow along with your puppy.

The diapers are machine-washable and can be used as-is for a female dog in heat. You don’t need to add diaper liners or a cover; they are both absorbent and waterproof, so there won’t be leakage or stains on your carpets or furniture. They’re also soft and comfortable, so your furry friend will feel just fine during her heat.

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Best Budget Diaper for Females in Heat

Best Budget Option
OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers

Feminine protection for dogs doesn’t have to be expensive, and OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers proves just that. These come in packages of various quantities, and usually when you buy more, you save more. If you are on a tight budget and just want to buy one small- or medium-sized package every six months (or whenever your dog goes into heat), however, that’s a great option to save money.

These disposable doggie diapers have a snug and leak-proof fit. They trap moisture and wick it away for your dog’s comfort, and they have extra-absorbent edges to further prevent leaks and stains on your belongings. They also contain baking soda to prevent odors.

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These diapers also function great for female dogs with urinary control issues, which can be more common as dogs age. Or you can use them for puppies who are still learning where to go potty and who might have accidents in the house. There’s even a wetness indicator that tells you when your dog’s diaper needs to be changed, but this won’t be useful for dogs in heat, as they typically will not get very wet.

Best Full-Body Wrap

Best Full-Body Wrap
Surgi~Snuggly Washable Disposable Dog Diapers

If your dog won’t keep her diapers on during her heat cycle, she’s not alone. The Surgi-Snuggly might be the answer you’re searching for. This is a full-body wrap that will stay on your dog and will hold her diaper or adhesive pad in place. It probably won’t be enough to control her flow on its own (and you’d have to wash it often), but it will solve the issue of not being able to keep a diaper on your dog. You can use a disposable diaper, a diaper pad, or a reusable diaper underneath. Some Amazon users even suggested using a women’s sanitary pad.

Even better, this wrap works to hold both male and female diapers on dogs. This means that if you have two dogs of similar size, you can use the wrap on the one who needs it at the time. It comes in many sizes to fit dogs of not only various weights but also various lengths; for example, you can choose the “short” variety if your dog is short from chest to tail. It also comes in different colors to appeal to a wide range of owners and their furry divas.

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Best Stylish Diaper for a Dog in Heat

Best Stylish Diaper
Alfie Pet - Maxine Diaper Dog Sanitary Pantie

If you are looking for a diaper for your dog that has a sweet ruffle attached, you’re going to want to take a look at the Alfie Pet Sanitary Pantie. These are just adorable and come in a set of three (black, denim, and camo) or you can buy each of the colors individually if you’d rather. They come in sizes ranging from small to XXL, so they’ll fit nearly any dog who is in heat.

These work best when used with a sanitary pad; simply stick it in the diaper in the appropriate spot. Your dog’s tail will help keep the panties in place even if it’s very short, but users said that it might not work as well with dogs who have no tail at all. You can also use this as a cover for disposable doggie diapers if you’d prefer.

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Best Diaper Cover

Best Diaper Cover
Wiz BBQT Washable Strawberry Diaper

Sometimes you might want to cover your dog’s disposable diaper for going on a walk; other times, your dog might not feel like having her disposable diaper on and might try to pull it off. A diaper cover can help! The Wiz BBQT Diaper Cover Ups are a set of two simply adorable strawberry-themed covers that will help conceal and protect your pup’s diaper.

The covers are made of soft cotton and are easy to toss in the washing machine. You can use them over a disposable diaper or you can slide a diaper liner or a sanitary pad inside. Your dog will step into these with her back legs; there are no hook-and-eye fasteners, so they tend to be difficult for dogs to pull off on their own. To adjust the waist size, you can tighten or loosen the drawstrings on the back.

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Best Washable Liners

Best Washable Liners
Paw Legend Washable Diapers Liners for Dog (10 Pack)

If you are using a diaper cover and want to avoid using adhesive sanitary napkins, the Paw Legend Washable Diaper Liners are a 10-pack of liners that you can wash and reuse. This brand also makes the diaper shells that the liners will fit into, but you should also be able to use them with other brands as long as you buy the right size. They come in sizes extra small through large.

These liners offer three layers of protection to keep your furniture stain-free. The fabric is durable and will stand up to dozens of washings. The top layer is a stay-dry material that will keep your dog comfortable. They’re machine washable and dryable; just dry them on the lowest setting and don’t use fabric softener to maintain their absorbency.

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What To Look for When Buying Diapers for a Dog in Heat

There are several considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase diapers for your dog when she goes into heat. Here are some of them.

First, do you prefer washable or disposable diapers? Disposable diapers are more convenient, of course, but they’re also more costly. The washable diapers require you to wash and dry them, but you don’t have to replace them often and will end up costing less. If you are planning to spay your dog after her first or second heat, then disposables might be the way to go. If you would like to make a longer-term investment because your dog is not going to be spayed, then you might consider buying reusable diapers.

Next, how likely is your dog to keep the diapers on willingly. Some dogs will bite and chew at anything you put on them while others tend not to care very much. If your dog is a Houdini when it comes to getting out of clothing and diapers, then a body wrap might be the best option, as they’re harder for her to remove. Suspenders holding the diaper on are another option.

Does your dog have a tail? Most diapers for dogs have a tail cut-out, so you’ll be all set. If your dog doesn’t have a tail or only has a tiny nub, then you may need to either use suspenders to help hold the diaper on or look for a style that is made to work well on dogs who don’t have a tail. For most dogs, their tail will help hold the diaper up without letting it droop down.

Finally, if you are more likely to want to put a cute diaper on your dog, then look for either diapers or a diaper cover that appeals to you. She’ll be wearing it for a few weeks twice per year, so make sure it’s one you like!

brown doodle cute haircut

The Bottom Line

After having looked at all of the different options and ranking them above, I have to say that the Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers were my favorite. They’re easy to use and there’s no washing or folding involved. Simply put the diaper on, take it off, throw it away, and you’re done. Also, I liked that they have repositionable fasteners so if you accidentally tighten it too much or make it too tight, you can immediately fix it without tearing the tab. 

All of the dog diapers listed on this page can be found at Many will be delivered for free within a couple of days if you have Prime or if you spend more than $35. Be sure to check out the different options available and look at the size charts carefully before buying so you can be sure that they’ll fit your dog.