Best Pink Dog Collars – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Everyone wants their dog to look great. I am no exception; I want my dog, Sasha, to look adorable! Along with looking good, though, a dog collar needs to be sturdy, stand up to daily use, and last for a long time. After all, a collar that breaks open or that your dog can slip out of easily can easily put her at risk, and no dog owner wants that. Every year hundreds of thousands of dogs run away – don’t let yours be part of that!

When looking for a new collar for Sasha, I knew I wanted one in pink. But which one is the perfect pink dog collar? I tested 20 collars to see which ones were the best. My number one choice is the Black Rhino Comfort Collar. This one is actually a hot pink, which is perfect for my dog’s sassy personality. Sasha loves it because it’s nice and soft, and I love it because it’s very sturdy, waterproof, and reflective.

Our Top Choice Pink Dog Collar

Our TOP Choice
Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

The Black Rhino Comfort Collar came out on top for several reasons. First, it is soft and well-padded, so it will stay comfortable even when your dog is running around with or without a leash. The material is neoprene, which won’t snag on your dog’s fur.

Neoprene is also quick to dry and doesn’t hold onto odors. Does your dog love splashing in puddles or going for a swim in the neighborhood pond? Well, Fluffy might need a bath afterward, but her Black Rhino collar won’t get that wet dog smell. It will resist becoming water-logged, too, so you can leave it on when giving your dog a bath.

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Safety is my top priority when it comes to products for my dog, and since Sasha slipped out of her collar once as a puppy, I’m very careful about making sure that her collars fit well and won’t slip off. One feature I really like with the Black Rhino is that the buckle is metal and won’t pop open. You can adjust it to fit your dog perfectly and it won’t stretch out of shape or come undone, which is great for my peace of mind.

Because of that metal buckle, however, it is really best for dog owners who have good manual dexterity as well as for dogs who wear their collars all the time. I know that not every collar is right for every dog, so I’ve included lots of information about all different pink dog collars so you can make your special girl look amazing!

The buckle is metal and works like a belt buckle. You can adjust it by putting the peg through the correct hole for your dog, and it won’t come loose. 

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Table of Contents

Mini Reviews

Looking for a specialized collar for your dog? Here are our choices for different categories of pink collars.

Best Pink Studded Dog Collar

Top Studded Pink Collar
teemerryca Adjustable Microfiber Leather Studded Collar

Your tough girl can look extra tough (or just extra adorable) with the Teemerryca Spiked Studded Dog Collar in pink. This collar is made out of polyurethane leather for an upscale look without the upscale price tag. It comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so it will fit most dogs.

While the collar might give your furbaby an imposing appearance, you don’t have to worry about safety; the spikes aren’t sharp, so they won’t hurt her or you if you need to catch her by the collar. What it will do, however, is prevent her from chewing on it, so if you have a pup who wants to gnaw on everything, at least she won’t be able to chew off her collar. It will also prevent other dogs from grabbing her collar with their mouths.

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The collar has a sturdy buckle with eyelets that allow you to adjust it. As a special bonus, it also comes with a surprise for your dog in the form of a squeaky ball. It comes delivered in a box with the Teemerryca logo on it, too, making it suitable for gift-giving

Best Pink Light-Up LED Collar

Best Pink Light-Up Collar
Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar

The Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar is a great choice if your dog loves to go out exploring at night. By day, it just looks like a regular pink collar. By night, however, you can set it to light up so you can easily see where your dog is and so she will be visible to drivers and others passing by. There are three modes when the light is on: It can constantly shine, it can blink, or you can set it to the strobe function.

This collar is waterproof, making it appropriate for pups who want to take a swim or who enjoy playing outdoors on rainy nights. It’s also easy to charge thanks to a micro USB cord. Plug it into your laptop, the charger in your car, or any other USB charging port you have. On one charge, it will run a full eight hours, so charge it up during the day and put it on your dog at nightfall while camping or hiking.

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The collar has a quick-release fastener, making it super simple to put on and take off of your dog. It also comes in four sizes ranging from extra-small to large, so it will fit just about any dog; just be sure to measure properly.

Best Pink Collar With Bling

Best Pink Collar With Bling
BONAWEN Crystal Dog Collar with Bow Tie Rhinestone

Does your pretty girl need a collar with some bling? If so, the Bonawen Crystal Dog Collar has her covered. It’s made of velvet leather and it is well-padded, making it comfortable to wear whether your dog has long or short fur. It comes in sizes ranging from 6 to 17 inches; you’ll need to measure your dog’s neck to see which size is right for her.

The beauty of this blinged-up collar comes from rows of rhinestones. There’s also an attached bow with rhinestones of its own. If you want the collar without the attached bow, choose the light pink option, as that one only has the rows of rhinestones.

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05/22/2024 07:51 pm GMT

The collar has a belt-type buckle with the peg and eyelets, so it will stay securely on your dog. There is also a heavy-duty D-ring for your dog’s leash and her ID tag or license.

It’s perfect for a true doggy princess, or a great gift for a dog mom who just had pups!

dog with pink collar and bow

Best Pink Leash & Collar Set

Best Pink Leash & Collar Set
ARING PET Velvet Dog Collar and Leash

If your little princess needs not only a pink collar but also a pink leash, you’ll want to check out the Aring Pet Dog Collar and Leash. This collar is made of soft pink velvet and also strong webbing, so it’s as durable as it is beautiful.

The collar ranges in size from extra small to extra large, and the leash is between four and five feet long depending on the size of the collar you order. The collar has a quick-release buckle for ease of putting it on and taking it off. It also has a strong D-ring for attaching your dog’s license or the leash. The leash has a swivel clasp that closes securely and makes it easy to take your pooch for a walk.

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One fun feature is that this set is wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a gift box, so it makes a great gift for someone who gets a new dog. While we, of course, recommend the pink, it also comes in a variety of other colors too, making it appropriate for both boy and girl dogs.

Best Pink Budget Collar

Best Budget Option
Blueberry Pet Pink Dog Collar

Saving money on a pink dog collar doesn’t mean that you should settle for a cheaply made product. The Blueberry Pet Essentials Classic Dog Collar gives your special girl a nice-looking and well-made collar at a budget-friendly price. The one pictured here is French Pink, but there’s also a Baby Pink if you prefer a softer shade and also Very Berry if you would like a brighter pink that is almost magenta.

The collar is made of high-quality nylon webbing and it has an easy-release clasp. It will not stretch, so as long as you purchase the right size, your dog should not be able to back up out of it. The company recommends leaving only two fingers’ worth of space between your dog’s neck and the collar. It is adjustable, so you can set the size to fit perfectly once it arrives.

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Best Pink Martingale Collar

Top Pink Martingale Collar
BRONZEDOG Nylon Martingale Collar

The Bronzedog Nylon Martingale Dog Collar is my top pick if you are looking for a pink martingale collar. This is a great type of collar to choose if your dog has a narrow head and is able to easily back up out of a traditional buckle or quick-release clasp collar. That’s because the way a martingale collar works is that if the dog backs up, the collar tightens. When she returns to where she should be by your side, it loosens back up. 

This one comes in bright pink nylon. Three sizes are available, small, medium, and large. It is padded on the inside, so it won’t pull your dog’s fur if she’s pulling or attempting to back up out of it.

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The collar is adjustable, so you will be able to make it fit your dog as long as you order the correct size (measure around her neck before ordering). You put it on by slipping it over her head. The D-ring is made of stainless steel, and it’s suitable for both attaching the leash and hanging your dog’s license or ID tag. 

Best Pink Printed Dog Collar

Best Print Collar
Taglory Unique Designer Soft Dog Collar

Are you looking for a printed dog collar with a lot of pink in the pattern? The Taglory Western Dog Collar in Pink might be exactly what you and your dog want. This is a pretty floral pattern that will add a touch of whimsy to your dog’s attire. There are several patterns available; if you want one with a brighter pink, you’ll want to check out the rickrack-reminiscent Purple Peacock pattern.

This comes in four adjustable sizes fitting necks ranging from eight to 24 inches. It’s made of durable polyester webbing and has a sturdy plastic quick-release fastener. The medium and large sizes are an inch wide, making it a good choice for larger dogs who tend to pull; the wide strap won’t push into your dog’s neck as easily as a thinner strap would.

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The pattern is bright and won’t fade. It’s also machine-washable, so it’s easy to keep it clean. There is a matching leash available, but it’s not included with the purchase of the collar. Amazon users describe the collar as vibrant, soft to the touch, and durable even with dogs who tend to pull.

Buying Guide

When looking for a pink dog collar, color cannot be the only consideration. There are several things you’ll want to keep in mind as you make your decision.

First, look at the different types of closures available. The most common are buckles (like what you’d find on a belt) and quick-release clasps. Both have their advantages! Buckles are nice because they can’t pop open as long as they were fastened properly in the first place. They also look nice. Clasps are good because they are easy to release and make it simple to put the collar on and take it off of your dog. Decide which type you want before you buy.

If your dog has a thick neck or a narrow head, a martingale collar can be useful because these tighten up if the dog tries to back up out of it. It also cannot come undone because there is no closure; it simply slips over the head. Dogs with sensitive or large ears might not like this type of collar, however, if you take it off frequently, as it can be uncomfortable for them to have the collar passing over their ears.

A padded collar is nice if your dog tends to scratch at non-padded collars. It’s also good if your dog is active or if you often go for walks or runs because it will rub less than an unpadded collar. 

If you are walking your dog at night or in the early morning, you might want either a reflective collar or one that has LED lights that you can turn on when you head out after dark. These safety features keep your pup safe while out and about, and it can also help you locate her if she isn’t on a leash and it’s after dark.

Look for a collar with a sturdy metal D-ring. This is the loop you will use to attach your dog’s leash and it’s also where you’ll hang her identification tag or rabies license. Stainless steel, the most common metal used, won’t rust and will stand up to daily wear.


If your dog likes to swim or it’s often rainy where you live, look for a waterproof collar that won’t hold onto moisture. The next best option is a collar made from a material that will dry easily. If your dog’s collar is wet, you should remove it to prevent irritation to your dog’s skin. A machine-washable collar is another bonus, as dogs can easily get their collars dirty, and you wouldn’t want the beautiful pink to look messy or dirty!

The most important feature of a collar, pink or otherwise, is the fit. Make sure that you are measuring your dog around her neck and also that you are referring to the sizing chart on the product page. Your dog might take a different size depending on the brand, so don’t just assume that your medium-sized dog will take size medium. Measure her neck to be sure. A collar that is too small will be uncomfortable for your dog and a collar that’s too big can slip off or get caught on objects and become a strangulation hazard.

pink collar dog


A pink collar is the perfect accessory for your doggie diva. Choose one with a print or bling for some extra appeal, or pick one in your favorite shade of pink ranging from pastel to fuchsia.