Can a Cavachon be left alone?


Can a Cavachon be left alone?

Cavachons are a very popular small mixed breed dog. They have a very friendly nature and are unlikely to be reactive. Due to their low prey drive and focus on their owner they also are easy to train.

One question many future Cavachon owners have is whether they can stay by themselves though. 

Unfortunately, Cavachons are not a breed that does well when left alone for many hours. Today we will look at why they are prone to developing separation anxiety and how long you can leave a Cavachon alone.

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How long can I leave a Cavachon alone?

Cavachons are a cross of two lap dog breeds (the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

Lap dogs were bred to – well – be on somebody’s lap. They are very attached to their humans and find the most joy in their lives from being with their person.

Because of this, Cavachons are not independent and often cannot entertain themselves for longer periods of time.

As a general rule you should not plan on leaving your Cavachon alone for more than 4-6 hours every day. If you work for long hours outside of the home and your Cavachon would be alone for 10-12 hours a day, do not get one. 

Leaving your Cavachon puppy

If you plan on leaving your Cavachon alone for shorter periods in his adult years, you need to start working on this early on in his life. Ideally you should have a puppy pen in your living room and frequently enter and leave this room, every day.

The dog needs to learn that it is not the end of the world when you leave. Instead, you want to teach him that you are always coming back. If you go in and out the door frequently over and over, it will become “normal” to him.

Many Cavachon owners make the mistake that they let the dog follow them around from room to room, every minute of the day. This can actually create a dog that is prone to separation anxiety, as you puppy never experiences even short separations!

Practice leaving frequently during the day (even if it is just into another room or to take out the trash) without your puppy always coming along.

cavachon puppy with roses

Leaving your adult Cavachon

If you adopted an adult Cavachon and attempt to leave him alone, you will probably face some difficulties. If a Cavachon did not learn early in life that it is ok to part from their owner for a bit, their separation anxiety in adult life can be quite pronounced.

You should progress very slowly when leaving your adult Cavachon alone and follow the same steps as you would with a small puppy.


cavachon face

Can I leave my Cavachon in the yard?

No! Please do not leave your Cavachon pup alone in the yard while you are gone. A dog that is so small faces a variety of possible predators outside and should not be there unsupervised.

Cavachons are small enough that they can be the prey for a raptor. If you live in an area that has coyotes, bobcats or mountain lions, these will go after your Cavachon as well.

You can only leave your Cavachon unsupervised if you have a well-enclosed courtyard or patio that cannot be access by predators. Ideally it should be covered so that hawks or eagles cannot get to your pup.

Are Cavachons clingy?

Yes, Cavachons are very clingy dogs. They love to be with their owners, sit on their laps and be petted. They usually are very friendly and enjoy to be around people. When getting together with friends, you Cavachon might wander from lap to lap to be petted and loved on by everyone!

If you have the possibility to take your pup along to work, a Cavachon is a great breed for you. They are typically very quiet and well-behaved as long as they can be with their owners.

If you work from home or are a stay-at-home mom, Cavachons will also be a great companion.

Alone with other dogs

While these dogs do not do well when left alone for longer periods of time, they usually enjoy doggy company. If you have to leave your Cavachon, a solution may be to get him a friend to stay with.

Cavachons do best with other small dog breeds and can be tightly bonded to their sibling dog. Make sure to get a dog that matches your Cavachons temperament:

  • If your dog is a puppy or young adult, get him a sibling dog of the same age – the two will play and romp together!
  • If your Cavachon is an older adult or senior dog, your second dog should also be at least 5-6 years old. The two will enjoy snoozing together and cuddling.
cavachon with butterfly

Are Cavachons cuddly?

Cavachons are a very cuddly breed. They may be especially cuddly when you come home after leaving them for a few hours.

Cavachons need to be held and petted frequently to develop a healthy and strong bond to you. The more time you spend interacting with them, the happier they will be.

According to studies, even petting a dog for a short time also increases oxytocin in humans, making the owners of cuddly Cavachons happier as well!

The Bottom Line

Cavachons are not independent dogs and should not be left alone for long hours. If you work outside the home for 10-12 hours a day, do not plan on leaving your Cavachon for this long. You should either take him along or see if you can have him stay with a trusted dog sitter or at a doggy daycare.

Cavachons are friendly dogs that can bond closely to other small dogs. You can get your Cavachon a sibling dog do better when left alone.

Make sure to never leave small dogs in the yard unsupervised though – there are too many dangers and predators out there!

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