Best Water Bowls for Dog Crates

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Best Water Bowls for Dog Crates

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Dogs should have access to clean, fresh water at all times, and that includes the times when they’re in their crates. My dog, Sasha, is crate-trained and sleeps in her crate overnight, so it’s important that she has a water bowl during that time. 

When we first got her, we would put her regular water bowl in with her, but she would end up sloshing it around every time she rearranged her blankets or got up to turn around. The answer was, of course, to get a bowl that was specifically made for dog crates.

We looked at 20 different pet bowls and found our winners!

Our Top Choice for Dog Crate Water Bowls: Pets Snap’y Fit

MidWest Homes for Pets Snap'y Fit Stainless Steel Bowl

The MidWest Homes for Pets Snap'y Fit Stainless Steel Bowl came out on top of the competition. The bowl attaches to the wires of the crate thanks to brackets that screw on. You can also remove the brackets if you later decide to use the bowl as-is without attaching it to the crate.

The bowl is stainless steel, which means that rust, scratches, and odors won’t be a problem. It’s also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. Refill the bowl daily, and every few days run it through the dishwasher to keep it clean and fresh. It comes in several sizes, so you can choose what will work best for your dog. The smallest size, holding 10 ounces, is perfect for puppies and small dogs; there are also 20-ounce, one-quart, and two-quart bowls available.

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This bowl clips securely to the side of the crate thanks to sturdy brackets that fit into the wires. I also like that it’s made of stainless steel, which doesn’t hold onto odors like plastic bowls sometimes do. It’s rust-free and won’t get scratched up, making it easy to clean.

There are various types of water bowls for dog crates available, including the type that attaches to the side of the crate with brackets, collapsible bowls that are great for traveling, and non-tip bowls that sit in the bottom of the crate. You’ll need to look at the type of crate you have to see which style would be best.

Keep reading to see our runner-ups and crate bowls for any dog and crate set-up!

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Our Runner-Ups

Let’s have a look at our specialized water bowl choices:

Best Two-Piece Crate Bowl

Best Two Piece Bowl Set
Petworld Paragon Crate Bowl

Having a two-piece water bowl for your dog’s crate means that you can slide the stainless steel bowl out of the plastic holder, making it super simple to wash and refill your dog’s water bowl. The Petworld Paragon 2in1 Dog Crate Water Bowl is my favorite among the two-piece options. You will attach the plastic bowl/holder to the crate with the bracket and then simply put the stainless steel bowl inside of that to be filled with water. Another option is to use the set as two separate bowls, with the stainless steel bowl not attached to the side of the crate.

The bowls come in two different shapes, square and round. Think about which would fit better in your dog’s crate. Both of these are the same aqua blue color. The bracket that screws into the plastic holder and keeps the bowls attached to the side of the crate is white. Once the bracket is installed, the bowl is very hard to tip, so even if your dog is active in his crate, the water should stay put.

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Best Water Bottle for Dog Crates

Best Water Bottle
Lixit Top Fill Water Bottles for Dogs

If you prefer a water bottle to a bowl in your dog’s crate, consider the Lixit Top Fill Water Bottle. This one is for large dogs, but there are also options for smaller dogs; just choose the size you want before ordering. The bottle has a long tube and is easy to attach to the side of your dog’s crate. 

The top of this water bottle opens up, so you can refill it with water without detaching it from the side of your dog’s crate. Since the plastic part can sit outside of the crate, your dog also won’t be able to chew on it, making it a good choice for pups who tend to destroy items placed in the crate with them. You can also seat the bottle inside of the crate if your dog won’t chew on it or if you don’t have space on the outside of the cage.

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The valve of this water bottle is drip-proof, but it’s easy for your dog to get the water out by licking it. One Amazon customer had the great idea of using a dab of peanut butter on the roller ball to teach your dog how to extract the water. You could also use a bit of canned dog food, yogurt, or whatever your dog likes best!

Best No-Spill Bowl

Petmate No Spill Bowl

If you prefer a bowl that sits in the bottom of your dog’s crate (or if you have a plastic crate as opposed to one with wire sides), then the Petmate No Spill Bowl might be just the solution you’ve been searching for. This bowl won’t tip over thanks to its splash-proof design consisting of a cover with a hole in the middle for your dog to drink from.

The plastic bowl is weighted on the bottom. The removable top also prevents water from sloshing out if your dog does push it around in the bottom of the crate. Finally, the way the lid is angled, it can funnel the water that drips out of your dog’s mouth back into the bowl.

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It’s important to remove the top every few days to wash it out and to give the bowl a good soak or wash. Since the bowl is made from plastic, it can hold onto odors more than a stainless steel bowl can. Regular washing can stop unpleasant smells and will also keep the water fresh and clean for your pup.

Best Budget Water Bowl for Dog Crates

Best Budget Option
Petmate Kennel Water Cup

There’s no need to pay a lot of money for a water bowl for your dog’s crate if you aren’t going to be using it frequently or if you are simply on a tight budget. The Petmate Kennel Water Cup is inexpensive but gets the job done, so it’s my top choice for budget-friendly options

This simple water cup has two openings, so you can fill one side with food and the other with water or fill both with water if your dog will drink more than you can fit in one side. Each side can hold up to six ounces of water. It attaches quickly to the side of a wire crate and is easy to take off to clean. 

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Best Collapsible Water Bowl for Dog Crates

Best Collapsible Bowl
Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you are traveling or only using a water bowl in your dog’s crate occasionally, the Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl is a great product to have on hand. As the name implies, it collapses down into a disc shape, so you can toss it in a backpack or purse. It also has a carabiner clip that will allow you to attach it to the wire of your dog’s crate

The bowl is leak-proof and can be used with either food or water. It’s silicone, so it’s both flexible and easy to clean. It also comes with a bottle holder that will let you carry water for your dog to put in the bowl. This is the perfect bowl to have along with you whenever you travel, and it can be used in or out of the crate.

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The large bowl holds up to 40 ounces (that’s five cups) of water, and the extra-large holds an impressive 55 ounces of water. This bowl is best for medium to large breeds if you’re using it in a crate mainly because it will take up a lot of room in a small crate.

Best Dual Bowls for Dog Crates

Best Dual Bowls
Utaomld Dual Crate Bowl

The Utaomld Dual Bowl makes it easy for you to provide your dog with both food and water at the same time. It screws onto the side of the crate with a bracket, and there is also a water bottle attached that will automatically fill the water bowl, so if your dog is thirsty and drinking a lot, he won’t run out of water.

On the food side of the bowl, there is a stainless steel liner that you can remove without taking the entire plastic part out of the crate. That makes it easy to fill and clean that side. Of course, you will need to take the whole thing out sometimes in order to clean out the water side; plastic can hold onto odors and will need to be washed regularly.

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This is a bowl set that is best for smaller dogs because it is fairly small in size. If you have a larger dog, the autofilling water bottle will keep them hydrated, however.

Buying Guide for Water Bowls for Dog Crates

There are quite a few options available if you are buying a dog bowl to put into your dog’s crate. The type you buy will depend on how likely your dog is to knock the bowl over as well as the type of crate you have.

For example, if you have an airline crate, you can attach a bowl to the front door, but it might be easier to get a tip-proof bowl that you put on the floor of the crate. If you have a dog who isn’t terribly active in the crate and is likely to leave it alone when not drinking, then this isn’t an issue. If your dog is more active, then it might be better to buy the type that goes on the wires of the cage, even if you have to put it on the door. 

The type of bowl that attaches to the crate with a bracket is, in most cases, going to be more secure than the type that simply slides on over the wires. Again, think about how active your dog is.

Stainless steel bowls have the advantage of not holding onto odors. It’s also easier for pups to chew up a plastic bowl if they are in a chewing mood. With that being said, plastic bowls are often less expensive and they make less noise if your dog’s collar hits against it or if it does end up coming loose. 

Be sure to get the right size bowl for your dog and for your dog’s crate. You won’t want to give your large dog a tiny bowl, but you also won’t want to give your small dog a very large bowl simply because it will take up more room, comparatively speaking, in a small crate. Look carefully at the measurements and the amount of liquid each bowl can hold; this information is in the listings of most of the bowls.

Finally, consider a water bottle if your dog tends to be a messy drinker. These won’t leak and are less likely to be sloshed around, making them a great choice for travel or if your dog likes to splash water around out of the bowl.

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The Bottom Line

It is very important to let your dog drink as much water as he wants – also at night.

I found that the MidWest Homes for Pets Snap’y Fit Stainless Steel Bowl is the best water bowl for a dog’s crate. It attaches securely, is made from sturdy stainless steel, and has great Amazon reviews. If you are looking for a single bowl with a removable insert, then this would be my first choice. The other water bowls I reviewed are also great options!

You can buy any of these bowls at Read through the listings and choose the one that is right for you and your dog.

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