Best Dog Grooming Clippers


Best Dog Grooming Clippers

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Having a dog that requires grooming every six or eight weeks can be a bit inconvenient, especially during these times when we are all limiting how much time we spend out of the house. My best friend has a Shih-Tzu who was going to the groomer, but she found that the expense and inconvenience were getting to be a drag. I suggested that she learn to groom him herself and she was up for the challenge! I saw this as a great opportunity to try out some grooming clippers and we set to work figuring out which types of clippers worked best. Her dog, Charlie, was a great sport throughout.

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Our Top Choice: Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

The Corded Wahl Clippers were the best clippers I found if you are hoping to groom your dog at home. They’re easy to use. The blades are self-sharpening, so you never have to worry about that. And the color-coded attachments are perfect for people new to grooming; just figure out which one you want to use and remember that color. There’s no need to remember the specific length or anything like that.

If you’re a little more advanced and want to try fades and such, the taper lever will allow you to do that. The PowerDrive motor is powerful and makes the job of trimming your dog’s fur easier than you might think.

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The Corded Wahl Clippers came out to be the favorite. First, there was no worry about the battery dying because you simply plug it in. Some people prefer a cordless clipper and we checked out some of those as well and I’ve reviewed them below. The clippers come with four different combs for fur of different lengths. These are color-coded, too, so you’ll be able to easily remember which one you use for your dog.

It’s good for dogs with thick fur, as it’s quite powerful with good torque. Charlie has silkier fur that isn’t too thick, and the clippers were good for him, but I could tell that they’d also be strong enough for a dog with thicker fur. The blades didn’t snag or hurt him; he seemed to be having a great time chilling with his mom and her friend!

If you are looking for a specialized clipper, we tested several others and found our cordless favorite, the best budget clippers, best clippers for tick and heavy coats and more!

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Our Runner-Ups

Let’s have a look at our specialized clipper options:

Best Budget Option

Our Budget-Friendly Pick
GASUR Dog Clippers, Professional 2-Speed Dog Trimmers

Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry, you still have some great options for dog grooming clippers! Our favorite in the budget category is the GASUR Dog Clipper. This is a small two-speed set of clippers that is perfect for trimming as well as for neatening up your dog’s haircut. This is a no-frills grooming product, but if you are looking to spend as little as possible, it still got very good reviews and is great for smaller jobs.

This clipper has ceramic blades that won’t get hot and won’t rust. It uses a USB to charge it, so you can plug it in just about anywhere, including into your laptop or even your car. You’ll need to charge it for about three hours before using it the first time and in between uses. The motor runs at a low noise level between 45 and 50 db, which is good for skittish dogs.

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Best Cordless Dog Clippers

Best Cordless Clippers
Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Low Noise

Many people prefer cordless clippers because they’re easy to use anywhere. I really liked the Alixane Dog Clippers for this purpose. The rechargeable battery works for about an hour after a three- to four-hour charge. It also does have a power cord that you can use if the battery is low and your dog is ready for a clip and can’t wait or if you need to groom a few dogs in a row. It has a LED light that will indicate when the battery is low.

The blade is made from carbon steel and is self-sharpening. It comes with eight comb attachments in various sizes so you can customize your dog’s cut to the length you want it. It also comes with a cleaning brush to help you keep the clippers fur-free and prevent clogs.

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Something your dog will appreciate is that the motor is fairly quiet at under 60 db, and you’ll appreciate the ergonomically correct handle that makes it easy to hold. One Amazon user confirms that it’s nice and quiet and adds that it has minimal vibration, which might be good for a dog who is a bit nervous or new at being groomed.

Best Grooming Kit

Best Grooming Kit
Pawsible Dog Clippers for Grooming

Are you ready to take on all of the facets of your dog’s grooming needs, from clipping to trimming to cutting nails? If so, this grooming kit from Pawsible might be exactly what you are looking for. It includes the clippers, four cutting attachments, two pairs of scissors, a comb, doggie nail clippers, a nail file, and the accessories you need to maintain your clippers (oil, a cleaning brush, a charging cable, and an AC adaptor).

The clippers have two sets of blades; one is stainless steel and the other is ceramic for a nice sharp cut. The lithium battery will run for three hours after it’s totally charged, and the noise level is under 50 db, making your dog feel more at ease.

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Best Grooming Clippers For Scared Dogs

Best for Scared Dogs
Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Dogs

The Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit is not technically clippers, but it can still do the same job. Some dogs simply will not sit still for a clipper cut because the noise and buzzing make them very nervous. Here’s a solution: a clipper alternative that allows you to cut your dog’s fur without stressing him out.

This kit is basically everything that would come in a clippers kit... without the clippers. Instead, you’ll put the clipping combs on a pair of scissors. The comb guards keep your pet’s haircut even and the scissors are as close to silent as they can be. The result will be a stress-free trim for your pup, which also will make you feel less anxious about grooming.

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The scissors come with several different inserts so you can fit them to your fingers, allowing you to avoid soreness or chafing. The combs come in seven different lengths. There’s even a grooming guide for you to get some great tips on making your pup look his best. Customers have lauded the product as very safe and easy to use, so if your dog is nervous around clippers, this might be exactly the product to try.

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Dog Grooming Clippers Buying Guide

What should you look for when buying clippers? Well, first you’re going to want to decide if you want corded or cordless clippers. The main advantage of the corded type is that you won’t need to worry about whether the battery is charged (or changing the battery if you get the type that takes AA batteries). The main advantage of the cordless kind is that you can groom your dog anywhere, including outside. You won’t need to be near an electrical outlet. Some cordless clippers come with the option of using a cord, and that is the best of both worlds.

Next, think about how much you need to trim on your dog. If you are only cleaning up his ears and feet and maybe a little trim around the bum, you can probably get away with a small trimmer rather than a full-size clipper. On the other hand, if your dog needs his whole body cut, then buying the bigger set would be a better idea.

Do you want a variety of options for grooming your pup? Some clippers come with quite a few combs while others come with just one or two. If you are going to be clipping your dog to one common length, then you may not need all of the attachments. Many dogs need different levels used on their legs or around their faces, however, so be sure to really think about it before investing in a set of clippers that don’t have several attachments to choose from.

You also might want to look into a kit that has scissors and nail clippers; these allow you to do a full grooming job on your dog. Don’t be intimidated: Plenty of people who didn’t know a thing about grooming learned how to do it by practicing on their dogs!

Also, keep in mind that if your dog is skittish or scared, you might need to consider the noise level of the clippers that you buy. Your refrigerator probably hums at about 40 decibels, while an air conditioner runs closer to 60. Think about how your dog would react to having those sounds close to his head and then look for a set that has a decibel level that you (and your dog) can tolerate.

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The Bottom Line

My friend and I really liked the Corded Wahl Clippers the best out of all of the ones we tested. I liked that it was cordless and it wasn’t too loud (her dog is also not typically afraid of clippers, though, so keep that in mind!). It did well with Charlie’s long coat and was easy to use around his feet and ears. I also especially liked the color-coded attachments; we know which one to use and won’t forget! 

If you want to buy the Corded Wahl Clippers or any of the other dog grooming clippers featured, please head over to Amazon and check them out. There, you can read reviews and all of the specifics that will help you to make your decision.

With just a bit of practice you will soon be giving your pup all kinds of great haircuts, such as adorable teddy bear cuts.