10 Times Your Dog Was Not Misbehaving On Purpose


10 Times Your Dog Was Not Misbehaving On Purpose

How often have you felt defied by your dog when he refused to carry out a seemingly easy and obvious task? Have you ever looked at him and wondered why on earth he doesn’t just do what you told him? Does he seem to do things wrong just to annoy you or to make a point?

Maybe you went to your first obedience class. You had a lot practiced at home and were sure your pup and you were going to shine. Then he does nothing but pull on leash, bark and refuse to sit. Everyone else’s dogs were great, except yours. Sounds familiar?

Or perhaps you told him very clearly that he is not allowed to have the cheese sandwich on the counter while you went to get something from the other room. As you return, he is finishing the last crumbs and looking at your from the corner of his eye. Is there as much as a hint of guilt in his gaze?

Although frustrating, you are probably misinterpreting the situations. Dogs rarely actually try to outright disobey us. Their behavior is a combination of previous reinforcement history and opportunity: When dogs see an option to get something they want, they will usually go for it without as much as a second thought.

What Paid Off, Pays Off

Your dog is extremely good at keeping tabs on what works well for him in life and what does not.